Looking to grow your own Herbs, veggies or flowers?

(L-140mm x W-84mm x Ht-48mm)

Fits 8 per Seedling tray

Featuring the Open punnet design and made using good quality plastic, the Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD has a watersaver base for you to grow delicious, healthy plants.


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Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD Watersaver


Seedling tray height

The Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD stands at 48mm in height – similar height to a seedling tray. This makes it ideal for most veggies, herbs and Flower crops.

Punnet Measurements…

Top length-140mm x Top width-84mm x Height-48mm)

Base length-113mm x Base width-58mm

What does Standard mean?

In the Horticulture (Nursery) industry, Standard Punnets are referring to the width (in this case 84mm). It is an imperial (pre-metric) term and basically means you can get 8 to a seedling tray, whereas a Metric Punnet is narrower and a seedling tray would hold 10 of those.

Base design

The drainage holes consist of 18 on the bottom shoulder around the edge, and 12 slits on the bottom face as pictured.



Suits 4 different styles of our seedling trays – 8 punnets per tray

…available in our SHOP – just click on the pictures below to view.

Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD

Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD

1. Hydro Tray (No Drainage – completely watertight)

(available through this listing)

Hydro Tray - https://nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz/

Hydro Tray – Watertight

2. 349mm Seedling Tray with ridges (Restricted Drainage)

(available through this listing)

349mm Seedling Tray - for more info go to https://nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz/

349mm Seedling Tray

3. Standard Seedling Tray (Restricted Drainage) trays

Seedling Tray Restricted Drainage - for more info go to https://nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz/

Seedling Tray Restricted Drainage

4. Open Mesh Seedling Tray (Open Drainage)


Open Mesh Seedling Plant Tray - for more info go to https://nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz/

Open Mesh Seedling Plant Tray


Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD

Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD

Made in Australia

The Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD is manufactured right here in Australia so you know you are keeping the dollars here and supporting our local industries.


Contain UV stabilizers

One of the biggest issues with buying inferior pots out of China is how quickly they break down in the Aussie sun! Our punnets are made with quality UV additive so you know they will last longer.


Manufactured using virgin & recycled plastic

The Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD is made from recycled and virgin material which gives it the perfect balance. They are made to be strong and long lasting but also it means that you are doing your bit to look after the environment.

Our punnets no longer need to be put into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE to be converted back into useable products countless times over.


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The ideal way to grow your Micro Herbs and leafy vegetables is in these great looking Plastic Open Seedling Punnet STANDARD used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over the country.

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