These 5 litre Tall black polyethylene plant grow bags are a great alternative to tubes or pots

Diameter-150mm x Height-300mm when filled

UV Stabilised Black Poly Plant Bags

Can contain approximately 5 litres of mix
Made from high quality VIRGIN resin materials which means you can have confidence in the life of this product. The 5 litre Tall Poly Planter Bags are excellent for any deeper rooting stock such as Palms, Macadamias, Avocados, Citrus and other trees, etc. MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA to very high standards.


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5 litre Tall Poly Planter bags


Filled SIZE is approx. 150mm diameter across the top, and 300mm high.
Holds approx. 5 Ltr.

Size of bag flat (how you receive them from us) is 120mm across and 360mm deep. Bag Thickness Gauge – 90 µm (0.09mm)


Made with virgin material

Our bags are some of the strongest, longest lasting poly bags available anywhere in the world! We do not add any recycled plastic in our 5 litre Tall Poly Planter bag.

Contains high grade UV stabilizers

Our 5 litre Tall Poly Planter bag is made with top quality UV additive so you know they will last more than 2 years in the harshest New Zealand climate. One of the tricky things you may face in buying inferior bags out of China is how quickly they break down in the Sun!

Material – Low Density Polyethylene

Made in Australia from High quality, Low Density Polyethylene plastic.

Bags do not stick together

This speeds up the process of preparing the bag for potting, and will not have oil all over the bags like some other brands do!

Brand – Planter Bag Supplies

We supply our own brand of professional grade Planter Bags which have been developed with improvements on other brands. We know you will be happy with our 5 litre Tall Poly Planter Bags.

Bag Design

Our 5 litre Tall Poly Planter Bags contain drainage holes – five to six holes per side, at least one hole at the base, two at the shoulder, and two up the side, providing you with adequate drainage in a normal situation. You will find them easy to handle and move.

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Please note: The gallery picture (single bag with white background) is generic – this one is a 6 litre Tall bag.


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