Decorative Pot with Fluted sides - 115mm Pot and Hanger

(Diameter-110mm x Height-85mm)

Approximate Volume - 600 ml

Decorative Hanging Pot & hanger
The 115mm Fluted Hanging pot will help to make your plants look absolutely amazing.


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115mm Hanging Basket Pot Green

Pots & Hangers only

You can grow fantastic plants with these 115mm Hanging Basket Pot Green. They are very easy to use. The ideal way to grow your hanging plants in these great looking Pot/hanger combinations. They feature the Decorative Fluted Sides design. Plant your trailing or hanging garden plants in these pots. The hangers are a SPEAR design and push into the pot slits. Once pushed in, they wont come out unless squeezed correctly.

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115mm Hanging Basket Pot Green Showing Hanger Slits

Widely used in New Zealand and Australia

These 115mm Hanging Basket Pot Green are already in use by wholesale and retail plant growers all over New Zealand and Australia. They are quite popular here in New Zealand. Why not see why and try them out for yourself.

Nursery and Garden Supplies offer quick dispatch on these Pots and we deliver you solid, reliable service. BUY TODAY!


Succulents, Cactus etc

These pots are the ideal size for succulents or cactus etc.


Professional presentation of plants

Using these 115mm Hanging Basket Pot Green will make your Hanging gardens look magnificent. If you are a professional grower or a home hobby grower then you will appreciate the design and practicality of these pots. They are used widely across many plant growing businesses.

You will love the elegant look of this Hanging basket combination.


Recycled Plastic

There may a percentage of recycled material used in the making of these pots & hangers. The manufacturers understand the need for a clean environment. Every time recycled material is reformed back into useable products, it keeps the carbon locked up and not being released into the atmosphere. Clean, green and environmentally conscious!


Manufactured in Australia

We go out of our way to support Australian and New Zealand businesses. These Australian made Hanging pots are of a very high quality. Quality products manufactured in Australia and New Zealand compared to in Asia are almost always better and last longer. This is because the manufacturer understands our weather conditions. They will have the right amount of UV protection added to suit our sun strength.


*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the POT & Hanger. No plants or associated products are included in this sale.


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