High Dri-Grip Cut Level 3 Glove

Cut resistant glove

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Our Black Knight Cut Resistant Glove (Level 3) is a High Dri-Grip Cut Level 3 Glove. It is great for anyone working with glass, metal, or general construction. Also a great protective glove for gardening!


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High Dri-Grip Cut Level 3 Glove

Sizes available – Small and Large

  • Grey Coolstar Yarn for excellent breathability and comfort
  • CE/EN388 Cut Resistant Level 3
  • Gripmaster Coating Technology ensures the
  • Black Knight gloves have excellent grip in wet, dry or oily environments
  • Multi-layered Gripmaster technology prevents oil penetration while repelling water ensuring superior grip
  • No strikethrough to the inside of the glove to prevent irritation and heat build up
  • Machine washable increasing glove life without reducing quality


  • Glass Handling
  • Automotive and Steel Industries
  • Paper and Plastic Industries
  • Oil Drilling and Mining
  • Refineries
  • Construction Industry
  • Emergency Services: Police, Search & Rescue
  • Military and Security

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