Harpoon Latex Glove has a very wide list of possible uses.

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Harpoon Latex Gauntlet

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These 30cm gloves are Waterproof and Approved for Food Contact.


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Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Glove



Liquid proof gloves made from latex over a cotton knit.

Non-slip finish

With a Textured Non-slip finish in the hand area, the Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Glove has Curved fingers and contoured palms.

Food Approved

Guaranteed silicone-free.

Abrasion Resistant

High resistance to cuts and snags with the robust Latex outer shell.

Heat Resistant

Very good contact heat resistance.

Cotton inner liner

Sweat absorbent, non-woven cotton knitted inner liner

Glove Length

These Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Gloves are 30cm in length.


HEAT Certified to EN407

The EN407 standard defines the general requirements and the thermal performance of gloves to protect from heat and fire. It applies to gloves which protect hands from fire, contact heat, radiating heat, small spray of molten metal or large spray of melting metal. This Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Glove has been given a rating of X2XXXX which means it has a ‘Very Good’ rating for resistance to contact heat, and other ratings (X) are not applicable.

Mechanical Hazard Certified EN388

The EN388 standard applies to all types of protective gloves with respect to mechanical aggression from abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture. These ratings are calculated from lab test results and do not replace the actual testing of the products in real conditions arising from use in the field. The results do however enable you to compare the performance between products. The Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Glove has a EN388 rating of  4-1-3-1.  Basically they are rated ‘Excellent’ against Abrasion, ‘Average’ against blade cuts, ‘Very Good’ against tearing and ‘Average’ against puncture.

Mechanical Hazard Certified EN374

The Harpoon Fishing Gauntlet Glove 30cm has a general EN374 rating for Protection from Chemicals and Micro-Organisms.



  • Deep sea fishing
  • Forestry
  • Metal industry
  • Oyster farming
  • Masonry work