G-Force HiCut Level 5 with HDPU

High quality glove

Exceeds the CE/EN388 Cut Resistant Level 5 by 13 times!!

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This cut resistant glove is a great option for anyone working with bottles, glass, sheet metal, or in general construction. Can also be used for gardening!


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SKU: GKH196 G-Force HiCut Glove HDPU Category:

Cut Resistant Glove (HiCut Level 5)

Size – Large

  • Black 13 Gauge Kenima®/Spectra® Super Cut Resistant Yarn
  • Exceeds the CE/EN388 Cut Resistant Level 5 by 13 times!!
  • New High Density Polyurethane (HDPU) offers superb flexibility, durability and grip in dry or slightly wet conditions
  • Tests have proven the HDPU is up to 25 times more abrasion resistant than normal PU
  • Cool Star® Yarn offers excellent breathability and sweat absorption



  • Pulp and Paper Industries
  • Glass and Bottle Industries
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Automotive and Steel Industries
  • Mining
  • Construction

What is Kenima®?

This is special yarn technology which wraps a glass fibre filament with polyamide yarn so that it’s not visible or in direct contact with the skin. Using high speed spinning machines, 3-4 layers of polyamide yarn are wrapped around the glass fibre core producing a yarn that is easy to knit or spin with other fibres. When spun with UHMW-PE (high tensile strength), it produces a very high cut resistance yarn which is used in our unique range of G-Force cut resistant gloves.

What is HDPU?

HDPU is High Density Polyurethane. Our unique HDPU coating uses environmentally friendly materials in its production and is more than 25 times higher abrasion resistant than normal PU, while offering far greater cut resistance. Its unique micro ventilated construction offers greater comfort over a longer period of time as well as being waterproof, durable and re-useable. Combined with Kenima® yarn in our G-Force gloves, they offer supreme comfort and cut resistance.


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