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Australian Made Pots, Trays & Labels
Pack contents listed Below. Combo 68mm Square Pot Growing Pack - Plastic SEEDLING Plant Tray which comes with matching Pots, Punnets, etc. Great for germinating seed, raising and growing Shrubs, Rockeries or Vegetable seedlings as well as carrying your propagation Tubes and Pots.


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Budget 68mm Pot Combo Double Pack


This Combo Double-Pack contains;

2 x Restricted Drainage Seedling Trays Black

4 x 10 cell Punnet Trays

4 x 10 cell punnet handles

40 x 68mm Square Pots

10 x 140mm Plant Labels White

10 x 100mm Twist Ties


Featuring the label-locking system in the lip and good quality plastic, our seedling trays are made in Australia for harsh conditions. They are UV treated and easy to use.

They also feature raised ribbing under the base for good air-flow. THE SEEDLING TRAY AND THE HYDRO TRAYS FIT INSIDE EACH OTHER NEATLY.

Great for germinating seed, raising and growing seedlings as well as carrying your propagation Tubes and Pots.

The Pots & Punnets are made from recycled and virgin material which gives it the perfect balance. They are made to be strong and long lasting but also it means that you are doing your bit to look after the environment. They fit 10 to a punnet snugly (as pictured) and 2 punnets per tray.

Our pots and punnets no longer need to be put into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE to be converted back into useable products countless times over.





Restricted drainage Seedling Tray Measurements

Top measurements; 350mm x 295mm.

Inside Height; 52mm, Total Height-64mm

Restricted Drainage Tray - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz

Restricted Drainage Tray


Glossy 68mm Square Pot measurements;

Our 68mm Square Tall Pot Black has the following measurements;

Across the Top inside to inside – 58mm, outside to outside – 66mm.

Height – 95mm.

Bottom measurement – 47mm across.

68mm Square Pot - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz

68mm Square Pot


10 Cell Punnet Pack

343mm x 144mm x (Height-80mm)

Fit 2 per Seedling tray & this listing comes with push-in carry handles (as pictured).

10 cell Seedling Punnet - for more info go to nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz

10 cell Seedling Punnet


Label Measurements

The 140mm Plant Labels measures 25mm across and 134mm total length with the available writing face measuring 100mm long.

  • Keep plant easily identified at initial potting or planting out.
140mm Plant Tag Label - for more go to nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz

140mm Plant Tag Label


Twist Ties Measurements

The Twistie Ties are pre-cut at 100mm.

  • For bigger plants, hang label through the punched hole
  • Ties the stem to a Bamboo Stake or Trellis.
100mm Twist Tie - for more go to nurseryandgardensupplies.co.nz

100mm Twist Tie




Our Pots and trays contain UV stabilizers

One of the biggest challenges in buying inferior pots out of China is how quickly they break down in the sun! Our Combo Herb Growing Pack pots are made with quality UV additive so you know they will last longer.


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The ideal way to carry your Herbs & Vegetable seedling punnets and pots, and all your propagation containers is in this great looking Plastic Open Mesh Seedling Plant Carry Tray. They are used by wholesale and retail plant nurseries all over the country.

Nursery and Garden Supplies offer quick dispatch and reliable service. BUY TODAY!


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