Great for starting off your seedlings or cuttings

contains UV stabilizers

Easy to use tubes!

The more you buy, the cheaper the price (per unit)
The 50mm Round Seedling Tube is a multi purpose pot built with most uses in mind! It is suitable for many varieties of plants. Fits into seedling trays quite well.


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50mm Round Seedling Tube


Manufactured using virgin & recycled plastic

The 50mm Round Seedling Tube is made from recycled and virgin material which gives it the perfect balance. They are made to be strong and long lasting but also it means that you are doing your bit to look after the environment.

Our pots no longer need to be put into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE to be converted back into useable products countless times over.

Our Pots contain UV stabilizers

One of the biggest challenges in buying inferior pots out of China is how quickly they break down in the sun! Our pots are made with quality UV additive so you can be confident they will last.


Design and measurements;

Our 50mm Round Seedling Tube has the following measurements;

Across the Top – 50mm.

Height – 70mm.

Bottom measurements – 40mm across.

Root Trainers;

The pot has been designed with vertical root trainer ‘ridges’ running from halfway down the inside of the pot. The job of these root trainers is to encourage the roots not to circle around the sides of the pot and waste the energy of the plant. Roots that will neither strengthen the plant or help in the uptake of nutrient are indeed a waste of the plants energy. Instead the roots should ideally travel to the bottom and fill in the mix right through the volume of the pot. You should start to see healthy root tips appear at the drainage holes. Once the pot is home to good healthy roots throughout the potting media, it is time to pot the plant up to the next size pot.

50mm Round Seedling Tube

50mm Round Seedling Tube root trainers

Drainage Holes

Our Pots contain 8 holes in the very bottom and another 8 in the sides at the bottom (as pictured), providing you with adequate drainage in a normal situation.

50mm Round Seedling Tube

50mm Round Seedling Tube

Can fit 40 x 50mm round tubes in a seedling tray.

Seedling Tray

Seedling Tray

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