Made with acrylic wool liner for cold weather work, these comfortable working gloves are great!

High Grip palms

Very tough...

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Perfect for working in Horticulture - Nursery, Garden and Agriculture work, you will love the warmth and comfort of these gloves.


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Cold weather Potting Gloves perfect for those cold mornings!

Great flexibility

The extra coating allows you to grip in wet conditions while maintaining great flexibility and durability.


Machine Washable

You can increase the life of these Cold weather Potting Gloves by putting them through a washing machine.


High Grip ‘Gripmaster’ technology

These Cold weather Potting Gloves feature the Multi-layered ‘Gripmaster’ technology. They repel water and also prevent oil penetration. They will give you excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Certified EN511 cold-compatible

The EN511 standard defines the requirements and test methods for gloves which protect against convective or conductive cold down to -50°C. This cold can be linked to climatic conditions or industrial activity. This Sub Zero Thermal Winter Glove has been given a rating of 0-1-0 which means it has a standard rating for resistance to contact cold.


Remains soft to -50°C

The special unique coating that these Cold Weather Potting Gloves have mean that they will remain soft and flexible in temperatures even as low as -50°C.


No ‘Strikethrough’ to the inside of the glove

Our Cold weather Potting Gloves have no seam or tag to annoy you inside, it’s all about your comfort!


Colour – Black


What can I use them for?

The Cold weather Potting Gloves are fantastic protection in the garden, in Agriculture and in nursery horticulture use. It offers you good protection as a general workers glove (see below for specific protection ratings). It is also applicable in most other basic protection level industries.

Mechanical Hazard Certified ENN388

The EN388 standard applies to all types of protective gloves with respect to mechanical aggression from abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture. These ratings are calculated from lab test results and do not replace the actual testing of the products in real conditions arising from use in the field. The results do however enable you to compare the performance between products. The Sub Zero Thermal Winter Glove has a EN388 rating of  3-2-2-2.  Basically they are rated ‘Very Good’ against Abrasion, ‘Good’ against blade cuts, ‘Good’ against tearing and ‘Good’ against puncture.

What size do I need?

Great question! Here’s a couple of pointers to help you choose… The average male hand is probably a Large size glove, and the average female hand is probably a Medium size glove with this stretchy material. If you have ‘chunky’ shaped fingers or hand in general, you will be looking for a bigger than average size. Same goes if your fingers are longer than average! As a male, I have hands that fit a large size nicely – my middle finger is 90mm long, and my hand is 90mm wide at the knuckles lying flat on the table. Sizing is a relative thing to describe and this guide should not be classed as a definitive recommendation!

*** Please note that because these particular gloves are fleecy lined inside, it makes a medium size feel more like a small. In the same way, a large will feel slightly smaller – a bit like a medium, etc.


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